What will my money be used for?

Your donations will be used for the materials and resources as specified on our ‘donations’ page. If you would like to donate to something specific, please say so on the donations form and we will send you email verification of your donations purchase.

What is your 5 year plan?

Over the next few years, we hope to grow food forests in communities all over the uk, concurrently developing our website; app, and schools programme.

Can I visit an ffp food forest?

Our concept forests as shown on our website are special places designed to trial two different types of agro-forestry. The land owner that we are working with wishes for these particular plots to remain anonymous. However, other projects are in the pipeline and with your help we will soon be starting to grow community led food forests all over the uk. Our hope is that you will come out and join us in planting these special places. If there is any land that you would like us to survey, report on and try to use, please email us and we would be happy to arrange a viewing.

Where do I learn more about permaculture, and food forests?

We have a section on our website that explains in more detail what permaculture is, and how it relates to food forests. We advocate the permaculture magazine for easily digestible, and enjoyable information about permaculture, and ways in which you can join in.

Can you come and talk to me/us about the food forest project?

We would be delighted to. If you are a school, we can send you our education pack with fun curriculum based learning tools. If you are a local community, we can come and talk to you about our organisation and how the food forest project works. Even if you are just an interested individual, we would be happy to impart our knowledge, and discuss how food forests work, and how they benefit both the local and wider community.

Who owns the land you purchase?

The land purchased through the ngo is deeded and retained in perpetuity by the ngo, and designated to the use of ‘agro-forestry’ only, and will remain as such for the natural lifecycle of the project.

Who can use the food forests?

Anyone. The food forests will be planted with the help of local communities, and community groups for the use of anyone, but not for any use. The food forests are planted to meet the ‘missions’ of the organisation (please see our website). In regards to the public, they should be used for the purposes of leisure, learning and foraging only.  They will be places of harmony, where people can come and experience the benefits of the natural world, and if they want, learn about natural food production and even join in!

If I become a member, what benefits can I expect?

In becoming a member, you will receive a membership card and a tree of your choice planted in your name. We offer to our members’ periodic updates about our work, although we understand that some people would prefer not to receive news letters or emails, so we ask that you please specify this on completion of the members form. There may also be special events that you would receive invites to.

How does the structure of your organisation work?

The team are placed on a volunteer basis only. Each of us has our function and speciality, but we work for people and place driven by the plight of the natural landscape, and the people within it. The ffp is an altruistic organisation, and our love for the philosophy of permaculture traverses material bounds. We seek to heal what has been lost, but in order to do so we need your help.